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This page carries articles  which provide some medical background to Papillon Contact X-Ray Brachytherapy 

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A cohort study of local excision followed by adjuvant therapy incorporating a contact X-ray brachytherapy boost instead of radical resection in 180 patients with rectal cancer.

                                              Smith, F. M. et., al. The Association of  Coloproctology of GB and Ireland.


Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of rectal cancer in older patients.
                                      A. Sun Myint, & Gerard, J.P. (2020)  European Journal of Surgical Oncology

Treatment: the role of contact X-ray brachytherapy (Papillon) in the management of early rectal cancer.

A. Sun Myint et,. al. (2019) Colorectal Disease : The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland

Contact X-ray Brachytherapy as an Adjunct to a Watch and Wait Approach is an Affordable Alternative to Standard Surgical Management of Rectal Cancer for Patients with a Partial Clinical Response to Chemoradiotherapy.  Rao,C. et al. (2018) Clinical Oncology  

Low-energy  contact X-Ray brachytherapy (the Papillon techniques) for early-stage rectal cancer.                                                                                            NICE Interventional Procedure Guidance (2015)

Contact radiotherapy for elderly patients with early low cancers. 

                                                      A. Sun Myint (2013):  British Journal of Hospital Medicine

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