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Talking about cancer can be difficult, even with friends and family. 

Sometimes, it's easier to share your experience with someone you don't know.  If  you would like to talk to us about your concerns please get in touch !

Papillon Contact X-Ray Brachytherapy for Rectal Cancer

Papillon Contact  X-ray Brachytherapy

Welcome to our patient-led website for Papillon X-Ray Brachytherapy for Rectal Cancer. The site is run by patients who have undergone Papillon treatment for rectal cancer themselves. We support newly diagnosed patients and those currently being treated as well as those with post-treatment questions and concerns. The menu above and links embedded in the text on these pages will guide you through some of the most commonly asked questions about Papillon.  


Talking about cancer can be difficult, even with caring friends and family. Sometimes, it's easier to share your experience with someone you don't know. You may think it's not worthwhile or you may worry about making someone feel uncomfortable but, putting your fears and concerns into words can help you and others make sense of difficult situations.

Don't feel alone........

If you have questions about Papillon or would simply just like some extra support - then we are always here to help.  


Please use the contact box at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us.  

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Bowel Cancer UK:  The dates noted below have now expired but click anywhere on info box below to register interest for future times throughout 2021.

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